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Hello, and welcome to the Animated Animals Wiki! Our goal is to make a page for every animated animal ever, from past to present. From movies like The Lion King, Balto, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and All Dogs Go to Heaven, to TV shows like Family Guy or Paw Patrol, we will have it all! Traditional 2D animation, CGI, 3D, and even stop-motion, anything goes. If it's an animal and it's been animated, it's welcome here!

Rules and Allowed Additions of the Wiki Edit

  1. What counts as an animal?
  • On this wiki, anything that identifies as an animal counts. Cats, dogs, wolves, horses, pigs, cows, birds, sea creatures, crabs, elephants, monkeys, etc.
  • Mythological animals are allowed, such as dragons and unicorns. On another note, dinosaurs and any other extinct animals are allowed. As of now, insects are not being included.
  • If you're still unsure, feel free to check out the Species category in the top navigation to see which animals are allowed.

2. Adding or editing a page

  • Before adding a character, please check first to see if it has already been added. You can look in the Movies category or simply use the searchbar to see if the character already has an existing page.
  • When creating the character pages, please refer to an existing one as reference and follow the same structure. Fill out the infobox with an image of the character as well as the other information it asks for.
  • CATEGORIES are very important! Make sure that after you create a page, you add it to the correct categories. You can refer to other pages to see what categories they have been given. Each character must be added to the "Characters" category, as well as a medium category ("2D", "3D", or "stop-motion"). Also add the "Males" or "Females" tag regarding the gender of the character. If the gender is unknown, you don't need to add a gender tag. If the character is a villain or antagonist, add it to the "Antagonists" category. You must also add it to the category for the movie or TV show it is in. Lastly, the character is added to a species category. You can look at the list of Species to see which exist.
  • Human characters who have had the ability to turn into animals are allowed to be added. For example, in Aladdin, Jafar transforms into a snake, therefore he is added to the wiki in his animal form. The same applies to Maleficent's dragon form in Sleeping Beauty.

3. Character details

  • As of now, most characters do not have a lot of information, and the goal is simply to make a page for each character to confirm its existence. Feel free to add a summary or additional information about the character on the page, for example, on Charlie B. Barkin's page.

Describe your topicEdit

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

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